Shopping Brooke Feather – River Oaks, Houston

It was a rainy morning today and I’d been wanting to buy this Houston Canvas bag I’d seen on brooke5Instagram for a while now.  So, I decided it would be a good day for shopping.  I headed over to Brooke Feather on West Gray Street in Houston.

When I arrived I was greeted by the owner of the boutique, Brook.  She and her team were so gracious and attentive.  They even helped me photograph the store.  I absolutely love the clothing line.  It’s a very upscale sort of “SoHo” collection of comfortable clothing and accessories for women. The decor was relaxing, yet sophisticated.  Located in a somewhat unassuming strip mall of stores in the heart of River Oaks. Oh and it is conveniently next to Talbots (my favorite).  I’ll save that story for another time.  This shopping area has a  collection of wonderful boutiques as well as high-end chain retailers.  So, let’s get back to the reason I went there.  The tote!  Yes that

Houston Burlap Tote

Houston Burlap Tote

Houston tote bag that had been calling my name since I arrived here in December.  I’d seen it in a newcomers guide to Houston and knew I had to have it.  Several months went by and then I spotted it on Instagram.  I knew it was meant to be!  Brooke Feather is the only place in all of Houston where you can buy this.  Although they don’t have an online shop, you can call them and they’ll be happy to ship one, or two, for you.  Their number is 713.520.0211. You can also email Brooke, INFO@BROOKEFEATHER.COM.

Being the shopper that I am, I couldn’t just leave with that one item.


I spent time browsing the racks and found an adorable tee by Amo that said “Tomboy.” It made me think of my nineteen year-old daughter.  I may have to send that to her at college.

It’s a slouchy AMO tee with shredded holes and printed ‘Tomboy’ lettering. 100% cotton and the best part is that it’s Made in the USA.

When I was at the checkout brooke2chatting with Brooke, I noticed this amazing perfume by Maison Louis Marie.  It’s called Cassis.  The high notes are, of course, Cassis, Bergamot and black pepper.  The mid note is white rose and the base is Oakmoss, Musk and Tonka.  It is such a refreshing, crisp, clean smell.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to buy it.  It was conveniently at the cash-wrap.  I’m always picking something extra when I checkout.  Smart upselling!

The next time you’re in Houston, it is completely worth the trip over to Brooke Feather located at 2020 West Gray Street in Houston. What a wonderful morning.



Dainty Jewells

DaintyJewells3I am thrilled that Dainty Jewells sent me this “Elegant Tea Dress.”  I’m a plus size so I have the XXL.  My problem area is the stomach.  This was a bit roomy which is great because I hate anything tight on my waist.  The matching sash ties into a cute bow.  I paired it with my gorgeous black beaded chandelier earrings. I have so many other styles on my wish list.  I love how this company provides beautiful, modest, clothing for girls and women.

Here are a few other dresses I can’t wait to get my hands on. You can click on the images to visit the Dainty Jewells web site and see my favorites.  Here in the south these dresses are perfect for brunch, church, day weddings and afternoon tea.

Garden Soiree Dress


Lady Liberty Dress


Charleston Charm Dress


What Every New Texan Gal Needs

So, since I arrived in this state, I’ve noticed there are certain things a southern belle needs. Start with a pair of cowboy boots, Miss Me Jeans in bootcut, a handgun and some western style jewelry.  I found this ring on Boots and Bourbon. Don’t you just love it? You’ll also need a good bottle of Bourbon for when friends drop by.  Be sure you are using one large ice cube so as not to water down the spirits.  I’ve seen these kind of ice cube trays everywhere. They do sell them on the Boots and Bourbon site also.  May I suggest Blanton’s bourbon. (Frank Underwood in House of Cards drank this.) It will set you back about $65.  What is your favorite?

Of course these bourbon glasses rock! No pun intended.

The most comfortable cotton pajamas ever!

intimissimilogoOh my, I’m in love!  With these pajamas I ordered from Intimissimi. They have these incredibly soft pajamas made in Italy, Tres chic’.

I love that I got free shipping since I spent more than $75.  I understand these are not the cheapest pjs you’ll every buy. But, here in Texas less is more when it comes to clothing and pajamas.  It gets really, really hot here.

So, the shorts and top are $49.00 and $34.00 respectively.  They are so comfy I feel like I’m practically wearing nothing at all.  Okay, maybe TMI, lol. You can shop the look by clicking on the photos below and I also linked the logo at the top of the page to their blow out sale!  If you buy these jammies or already have them, let me know what you think.

PDC2D2_wear_alt_03 CGD2D1_wear_alt_01 PDC2D2_wear_alt_01


My Vera Bradley Collection ~ Well part of it….

If I were to show you my entire Vera Bradley collection it would completely cover my queen Vera1sized bed.  So, I’m just showing a sampling.  I’ve been collection Vera since before my college age daughter was born.  I remember when she was in middle school the Owl pattern was all the rage with the kids in her school.  It was such a whimsical pattern and I think that’s why the girls liked it so much.  It wasn’t about the brand name to them it was the Owls!  I have to stress this point because all these years later I remember what a big deal it was for Maddy to shop for a new piece in that pattern.

BlackToteAnyway, one of the things I like about the brand is that it evolves with us loyal followers.  I am particularly pleased that they have ventured into the solid colors and more structured bags that are suitable for the professional woman.  One in particular that I love is the Black Tote. Having these selections is crucial to keeping the business woman buying the line.  Although we all love our prints, they aren’t always office friendly.

Of course when I travel, which I do a lot of, I carry my “Lighten Up” backpack as my carry-on because it is truly lightweight and very roomy.  I have several large duffels that are great for short trips and most airlines will let you slide by with this as a carry-on. Don’t quote me on that though, please! As you can see by the patterns in my collection, they go way back. I wonder if anyone can name each one.  I surely Vera2can’t.  But my newest purchase was the Impressionista large duffel you see at the top right of the photo.  Bonus!  It’s on sale now along with a whole slew of other patterns.  This is a great time to shop for back to school. Also in this picture is my backpack.

You can definitely see some of my patterns go back many years.  I’d love to see your collection!
Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

Have you heard about CupShe?

I came across this awesome site for inexpensive but trendy clothes. Check them out here: New Arrivals.  If you wear a smaller size they have the most adorable tees. I can’t believe the prices on this site.  And, why have I never seen it before!!

I can’t wait for my order.  This is what I bought!

Cupshe Ramble Tamble Tassel Embroidered Top only $19.99
Cupshe Field Day Leaves Printing Casual Dress Just $16.99

And this Cupshe After Party Colorful Oversized Top in Pink for only $6.99

Presenting Gretchen Scott!

splitneckdress_seaoflove_blues0406_1I am so excited to be able to offer the Gretchen Scott line.  Her clothes are amazing, gorgeous, preppy, chic and fun!

I’ll be letting you all know on Social Media when it will premiere.  I am hoping for July 20th but may get a few items in before then.

Plus, I’ll have a special offer for my Instagram followers! Stay tuned!

The new fall line is amazing but since we are in Texas, I plan to carry the lighter styles all year.  Also, I will be making my jewelry selections based on her designs so you’ll be able to coordinate your accessories all in the same place! Below is a sneak preview of what’s to come.


isoscelesdress_seaoflove_5320 TIGERTAILS laughmoretee1
sleekvoile-skippyskortfrondblue_candid2016 priss_stripe_0101 poncho2015_navy_scarf_paisley_0197_1



Mid-life Instagramers

Who do I follow on Instagram?SelfieWhoIfollowPost

I love to follow the young preppy girls because they remind me of myself at that age.  Of course it was a long time ago and our idea of social media was yelling at each other from across the yard.

There are also some mature women who maintain their beauty and grace.  They do real photo shoots and they look amazing.  I just have my iPhone and a tripod or selfie stick.  So, my pics are nothing to write home about.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a good time with it.  And, I have over 2,000 followers.  Not too shabby for a rookie like me.  This whole who to follow thing really has me rethinking my Instagram and twitter name of MomaJuicy.  I got this nick name from my daughter’s friends because they called her “lil juicy.”  And, it just kinda stuck.  Now she is 18 and off to college so I don’t see her friends anymore really.  I should up my game with a catchy new handle.  Any ideas? Do you notice I’m wearing a shirt from Talbots? Obvi. It’s called Jungle Paisley and it is very lightweight.  Something that is an absolute must here in Texas. I have linked to it at the bottom of this post. I’m telling you it’s almost all I wear. The tassel earrings are from my Summer 2016 Collection.  However, they sold out so fast. I’m trying to get more.

Here is my list of mature classy women (in no particular order);

Shop my shirt from Talbots by clicking on the photo.



July 4, 2016

_12878927This is no joking matter.  I am in love, love with the packaging of the new Christian Louboutin Lip Lacquer.  Seriously.  I checked out the Nordstrom web site and they sell it.  My favorite color is “Akenana.”  I’m not sure what the word means, but the color is so amazing.  Will you pay $90 for this tube of lacquer?

I mean just look at this boxed.  Don’t you want to die? This is seriously about as close as I’ll ever get to owning a pair of Louboutin shoes. Or, anything from the design house._12757028

Happy 4th of July Weekend

I’m sure everyone is excited for the long weekend. For me it is an anxious time as I have been unemployed since 6d8d21731e77676aec5ce8b35d032bbdthe middle of May. The company I was working for in Houston relocated me here in November. Then I got laid off and here I am half way across the country away from my family and friends on Cape Cod.

I am an eDiscovery Consultant by day and Social Media junkie by, well, all the rest of the time. I decide that since I am over 50, plus size and petite that maybe there are other people like me who want to look stylish. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure I could lose some weight and be more in shape. However, I have a few things working against me aside from my age. I suffer from Hashimotos disease which is an auto-immune disease of the thyroid. So, operating on half of my metabolism makes it hard to lose weight. I also take medication that is most definitely not helping.

So, now you are wondering what does all this have to do with the holiday weekend, right? Here’s the thing. I don’t really know anyone here and I am desperate to get back to working in my field which I love so much. I had a few great phone calls on Friday. But, with the holiday, I won’t hear back from anyone until Tuesday.

300_4thJulyOutfitSince I have no plans for the 4th, I figured I’ll get a few extra posts ahead.  I did pick out a cute outfit to wear this weekend.  I only went to the grocery store, lol. The pants are from Talbots, of course.  White linen drawstring. The Americana style tee is from Lucky Brand. Of course we all know where the sandals are from. Jack Rogers of course.  These are my go-to shoes and are starting to show their wear on the soles.  You can’t tell when I have them on though.


Oh, and speaking of Talbots which basically is about 80% of my wardrobe,  you can shop the pants here:



Here are some cute ideas for the 4th

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Festive Sangria with a fruit twist


Painted Ball jars distressed