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Alex and Ani at TJ Maxx

Always happy when I score a bargain… ~ Anne

Alex And Ani

Alex And Ani


Seriously, TJ Maxx has a great tag line.  “Don’t you just love a bargain?”  and you know, it’s true.  Just today I popped in to the Dale Mabry store.  And what to my wondering eyes did appear?  A display of Alex and Ani jewelry.

From bangles and rings to earrings and key chains.  Of course, they are from last season.  But, did that stop me from snapping up a few pieces?  Oh heck no!

The Friday Addition

I’m so grateful for my new partnership with DRTaylor Designs.  We will now be offering custom designed, hand painted, solid wood bangles that you can design yourself! ~ Ann


Such a wonderful selection and I’m looking forward to launching her jewelry today.

Oh, and guess what?  I’m giving one away to a lucky winner!!  Woooo!  Enter the giveaway today!

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all.  Be Happy, have fun and most of all be safe!

Vera Marina Paisely

I’m so in love with the Vera Paisley pattern.  Yes, I have plenty of options when it comes to bags.  But, nothing beats my Vera Bradley collection.  It started so many years ago that if I told you, you’d know my age, lol.

Marina Paisley

Marina Paisley


I was walking by Hallmark the other day and popped in to see “what’s new.”  The one near my house has a Vera section that continues to grow.  I checked out the Marina Paisley pattern and have decided it is definitely my new favorite. I wanted to pick up the “Two-Way” tote, but they only had two and not my new pattern.  Think I’ll pop over to the Vera store at International Mall today and see if they have it in stock.  Wouldn’t that be sweet??

Steinbrenner Beach Towel Giveaway!

I am so excited to be doing my first “Giveaway.”

Of course, I am doing something fun for the kids in my daughter’s high school.  I’ve designed a custom Beach Towel for Steinbrenner High School in Navy & Gold (the school’s colors).  To be entered to win you need to follow us on and tweet about the giveaway on Twitter @KiwiEllieDesign, then browse our store and comment on any item in the store.

That’s it! No purchase necessary. This towel retails for $49.50!  I wish all you SHS students a wonderful and safe school year!  Go Warriors!! If you do not attend Steinbrenner High School, you are not eligible for this giveaway.  If you’d like me to do a towel for your high school, please contact me. ~Ann

Steinbrenner Beach Towel Limited Edition

Steinbrenner Beach Towel Limited Edition

A stay at the Langham hotel

A pink taxi?

If you love pink, as I do, then of course you have to stay at The Langham in Boston.  Where else would you see an adorable pink taxi like this?  Plus, you can walk to Faneuil Hall.  Now that’s a bonus.  The hotel is across the street from the old Bell Atlantic building which has since been named Verizon.  I worked there as a consultant many years ago.  I must have walked by the Langham hundreds of times when I was young.  My friends and I used to have lunch in the park across from these two buildings.  But, when you live in Boston you don’t think much about staying in a hotel next to work. Now that I live in Florida I have a new-found appreciation and respect for Beantown.


Shopping at The Black Dog

Who can resist?

When I’m on The Cape, of course I have to swing by The Black Dog to pick up my annual tee.  This year I even bought the Bruins edition shirt and hat!  Had to get two more mugs.  They are like the ones from old time diners.  Really heavy and the perfect thing for my morning coffee.  Then there is adding to my drink coaster collection.  Bought two more this summer. What can I say? Oh, yes! Loving it….



Vineyard Vines at Mashpee Commons

When on Cape Cod…

When I’m on The Cape I can’t resist stopping at the Vineyard Vines store at beautiful Mashpee Commons.  On a recent trip, my sister and I paid a visit to the store.  We both snagged an old time favorite of yesteryear.  Bermuda Bags!  OMG, do you remember them?  When I was growing up we bought our covers at a little store on Main Street in Falmouth called The Fence Rail.  That store is long since gone.  But, our love for all things Preppy lives on.  

Of course we both bought the same bags! And, yes, they are still detachable.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find covers in the Mass Market?  Very hard.  I found a source online.  A woman who makes them to fit your bag.  My first one was a Lilly Pulitzer bag. This one is a slightly different size.  But, she’ll custom make them to fit your handles and you select the fabric.  I honestly considered making a few of my own.  However, button holes have never been a forte’ of mine.  So, I’ll leave that up to the experts!  Drop me a line if you want the information on Bermuda Bag covers. ~ Ann



What’s in my bathroom?

Have you experienced Mainely Coles?

One of my favorite all natural skincare lines is from Maine.  Mainely Coles is my “go to” for all my body lotions and creams.  My favorite is the “Sister’s Body Butter” for after showering.  Actually, it’s so rich and creamy that I put it on slightly damp skin.  It absorbs so well.  I have really dry skin and this is amazing.  The lavender scent is heavenly.  

Throughout the day I keep my bottle of Kelsey’s Lavender lotion next to me.  You know those tiny bumps you get on your skin (usually on the upper arm area, technically called  Keratosis Pilaris)?  Seriously, after using this for about two weeks, they were gone.  I’m going on two years of re-ordering these products and loving them.

I’ve also been using the Cucumber toner for a while now.  I found some other uses for it besides removing makeup residue after washing my face.  Living in Florida means many of us sweat… a lot.  I use the toner as a quick freshening up product during the day.  I can even swipe it with a cotton pad on my under arms and then reapply my deodorant.  (I’m being straight forward with you.)  I also keep a travel spray bottle of it in my purse to spritz my face throughout the day.  Shared my thoughts with Heidi, the mastermind behind the line.  She loves my ideas!

Anyway, I just want to thank Heidi for all her hard work in creating some amazing lines.  My daughter is hooked on her, soon to be released, face wash.  She won’t use anything else!  I can’t wait to see the new packaging when it’s on the market this fall! ~ Ann

P.S.  The website is: (No, I don’t get anything for referring her.  I simply love her products!!)