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The land of Milk & Honey

I’ll bet you’re expecting some completely different post than what I’m about to tell you.  I was surfing the web and found the greatest site.  A place where you can actually design your own shoes.  I mean, how great is that?  You have the perfect dress for an upcoming event.  Yet buying shoes to match is driving you crazy.  The land of Milk & Honey is your answer.  Definite worth checking out!!! ~ Ann

Design Your Own Shoes!

Off To College…



We love our new Market Totes for the college bound student!  These totes are available with or without monogram!  Send her off in style!  Oh, and don’t forget to pick one up for yourself.  These are great for toting around craft supplies, shopping flea markets and even bringing the groceries in from your car! Order yours today! More…

Wicked Good Cupcakes!

More from my recent trip to Boston. 


A wicked good cupcake

A wicked good cupcake

Have you ever had a “Wicked Good Cupcake?” If you grew up in the Boston area (or live there now) you know what “wicked” means.  It’s the best you can get!  I had heard about these women who appeared on that show Shark Tank and they were from Boston.  How aptly named, their product was a wicked good cupcake.

So, I made it a point to stop by their location at Faneuil Hall the day before I headed back to Tampa.  If I may say so, they are truly wicked good.  I only bought a half dozen because my suitcase was already full from shopping on The Cape.  So, I bought as many as I could fit in my purse.  And, yes, I ate one before I even boarded the plane home!  

The best part is you don’t even have to live in the area to enjoy these amazing sweets.  They ship nationwide!  How wicked cool is that?

Kiel James Patrick

A two year mystery is solved!

For two years I had searched the web, and stores both large and small, for a bracelet I had seen on my instagram stream.  It seemed silly for many of my friends… But, I just had to find this anchor rope bracelet.  The bracelet was covering the brand name in the photo so it took forever.  I posted this photo on all my social media outlets to no avail.  
Then, in late June as I was walking into Faneuil Hall in Boston, I glanced down at a glass case.  There it was!  Not one, but nearly a dozen variations of THE bracelet!!!  My heart raced, I kid you not!  I had found my bracelet.  It was made in New Bedford, MA by Kiel James Patrick!  OMG!!!!   ~Ann.  By the way, I bought two of them, lol.

My Instagram screenshot Kiel James Patrick on my wrist

Instagram Screen shot

Instagram Screen shot

Found the bracelet

Found the bracelet

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