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We made it. It’s Friday!

cocktailsWhat are your plans for this weekend? Are you meeting up with friends for drinks?  If you are in The Woodlands, Texas area, be sure to check out Craft Grille.  It’s locally owned, great food and awesome martinis! I’m so excited for my daughter to visit from college.  She attends Arizona State University and is loving life there, despite the heat.

I had a great trip to Santa Monica on Monday to meet with a potential employer.  It was a quick Santa Monica Piertrip, returning Tuesday afternoon.  I stayed at Le Meridien.  What a great breakfast they have. Oh, did I mention the bed was so comfortable!

Oh, by the way, if you follow me on instagram (momajuicy) then you’ll know I asked for advice on which outfit to wear to the interview.  I went with the all white and gingham blazer.


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Remembering my dad…

Remembering my dad on the first Father’s Day without him.  He was so smart and funny.  Actually his dry sense of humor and our back and forth banter brought me so much joy.  As a young man he graduated from Kings Point an became a Merchant Marine.  From there he joined the Navy as a navigator.  I remember when I was young he showed me a Sexton and said, “Believe it or not, this was how I navigated our ship.  Using the stars.”  That really fascinated me.  He was an avid tennis player until Parkinson’s disease finally took its toll on him.  He called me almost every day asking me details about everything I did.  He love football (The Patriots) and the Red Sox.  Me?  Well I’m a Bruins fan.  Often the there would be two games on tv at the same time and he’d call me and say I should be watching his sports instead of my hockey.  A funny saying of his as he sat wheelchair bound in the nursing home was “When the dust settles.”  Like as if he had this busy life to attend to, lol.  I used to laugh at the way he answered the phone… It was always “Yellow.”  So I’d reply with “Green.”sm_Dad2

I miss him terribly on this, my first Father’s Day without him.  I’m hoping he, and my mom, have made their peace in heaven.  I know they are both looking down on me, guiding me and forever watching over me.

I miss you daddy!



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No joke! Find great kimonos and caftans like the ones pictured here for a fraction of what retailers are charging! Amazon!! I have this caftan/kimono.  But, feel free to spend a fortune somewhere else because it is a “brand name.”  But, I want you to know you don’t have to.

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Life after 50

I can’t begin to tell you how my life has changed since first starting this website in 2005.  I went from importing goods from the U.S. to Dubai.   Then after returning to the U.S. I made this site a retail shop for all things monogrammed.  I guess the world wasn’t ready for it yet.  That was in 2009.  Now I see shops and sites everywhere offering monogramming.

Of course, having grown up on Cape Cod, we were monogramming since the early 1970s.  Yes, I am that old!

Since 2013 I have been working in the world of eDiscovery and Digital Forensics.  My IT experiences goes back to before my daughter was born in 1997.  But I’ve loved social media forever and even did web design for many years.  I was actually on Twitter before my daughter! Ha!

So, now I’m playing around with Instagram and posting my pups and fashion and anything else that suits my fancy.

Hydrangea-smI hope I will gain a lot of followers.  Even though my social media accounts have been around for years, I’m only now taking advantage of them.  I find it therapeutic after a long day of data mining.


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