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Whether Leather

Happy “Shop Small Business” weekend.  It has been a battle of conscience of the years as to

whether I buy leather jewelry, bags and shoes – Or opt for a more vegan approach.  Yes, I know, all leather has mostly been equated as a superior quality to its more man-made materials.  However, I do try to make a choice to go PU whenever I can and still get a high quality product. I sell very few “real leather” items on my site because I really want to sell high quality items without the sacrifice of an animal.  No, I’m not perfect.  Let me reiterate, “I am not perfect!”

My Flat in London

My Flat in London

With most jewelry it doesn’t seem to matter.  Shoes, on the other hand, are often far better when made with leather.  It breathes, it conforms to your feet.  I do have faux leather shoes and boots.  But, I also have many pairs of leather ones.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

As for handbags.  I have a mix.  Michael Kors often uses real leather.  I have a few.  But, Louis Vuitton uses a form a canvas for their famous LV logo bags. However, the handles are real leather.  Another handbag company I am mad about is My Flat in London, sold exclusively through Brighton now.  I have quite a few of that brand in canvas.

I recently purchased a pair of vegan leather booties from Brinley Co in dark blue. Honestly, I couldn’t find any in leather.  But, they are really beautiful and comfortable brinleytoo. So, the struggle is real.  I’m trying to find a happy medium for now.  My goal is to get to a point that I only buy vegan.  And with the advancement in the garment industry ever improving, I think in the not too distant future, someone will come up with a viable alternate that contours to your needs and is also breathable.

Well, I’ll step down off my soap box for the day.  Enjoy your weekend!

Lip Sugar is a Lip Saver

You’ve probably heard me rave about Lip Sugar, by Fresh Beauty, on social media.  Did you know the company lipsugar2started on Shark Tank?  How cool is that?  However, that is not why I buy it.  In fact, I only learned of it being featured on the show when it was mentioned in a recent episode.

So, regardless of where you live and how cold it may get, or not.  I think most people occasionally need some lip protection.  I certainly do.  What I love about this moisturizer, if you use the advanced therapy one, is that it also gives you a gentle exfoliation every time you use it.  Even though I am in Texas, I still have issues with chapped lips.  It is especially important to have smooth lips now that I’m wearing the Gerard cosmetics matte lipstick.  Unless your lips are smooth as silk, the lipstick will look horrible. I use the sugar scrub exfoliant every night before bed, followed by the lip serum.  Then in the morning, I apply the Lip Sugar balm before I start doing my makeup.  That gives it time to work before I apply my matte lipstick.

From Sephora web site

From Sephora web site

When I needed to order more I saw a great gift set on Sephora.  Yes, these are trial sizes but still I had to have them and they are great for travel as well. I have to say, though, that I also used the Advanced Therapy lip treatment that has the sugar exfoliant in it.  This is not included in the gift set and will set you back $26.  Totally worth it!

The kit contains:
– 0.10 oz/ 3 g Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy
– 0.28 oz/ 8 g Sugar Lip Polish
– 2 x 0.07 oz/ 2.2 g Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 in Nude, Rosé
– 0.16 oz/ 5 mL Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy

What it is formulated WITHOUT:lipsugar5
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

This is amazing stuff and the gift set is just $40.  Plus we all know Sephora ships FAST!  For convenience, I’ve included a link to it here.  I do not make any money off of this.  It is just that good.  Not that I wouldn’t mind getting some free.  It’ certainly not cheap!

Oh, and if you are interested, here is the lipstick I am raving about on Social Media.  I love gerardlipstick
the matte finish because it lasts longer.  You can always add gloss if you wish, but if you take care of your lips using the Lip Sugar line, then you’ll rock the matte lip look!

So, Hey Fresh Beauty and Gerard Cosmetics!! Feel free to send me some love…

November Newsletter

Kiwi & Ellie November 2016 Newsletter

Kelly Prepster

Kelly Prepster

Collaborator of the month

Meet Instragram “rock star” @KellyPrepster. Kelly has been so much fun to work with for the past few months. She has an incredible following on Instagram. Every time she posts photos of my jewelry or mentions them in her weekly YouTube videos, my sales soar. Her followers are so engaged. She is a wholesome and beautiful young woman.

She loves preppy jewelry and her recent favorites have been pineapple and nautical themed jewelry. I love her weekly “hauls” on YouTube. Click on her image to follow her on Instagram.

grandlakestyle1Donna aka @GrandLakeStyle really knows how to put together an outfit! This one is mostly thrifted. But, the gorgeous blue storn horn necklace is from my collection. Below is how she put this together Shirt is thrifted, Ralph Lauren beauty, $4.99. Vest is from Shein. I had a credit so it only cost me $1.78 plus free shipping. It was also on sale for $12.78. Handbag is a David Jones, on clearance 50% off. The boots are from JCPENNY, on sale 39.99. I had a $20 gift card on those plus 30% off. Bracelet gifted.

I love how she mixes patterns.  I’m always getting new outfit ideas from her.  She also posts the most beautiful photos of where she lives in Oklahoma.  Make sure you follow her on instagram and keep an eye out for joint giveaways!

Barbie aka @50FeelsFab is so glamorousimg_6106
wearing the same blue stone horn necklace from my collection. We had a joint giveaway in October.  This is how Donna H. ended up getting her necklace.  Every once in a while I open up giveaways to everyone.  Even my collaborators.  It’s so much fun doing giveaways.  Plus, I’m always on the hunt for new collaborators. Click on the image below to shop this necklace. Visit  It is also available in red. Notice both of these lovely women are wearing the same necklace but with totally different looks.


Here’s a recap of just a few of the giveaways from November.  I usually do my own at least once per week.  I also sponsor quite a few style challenges as well.  You may have been following me on my personal Instagram account, @MomaJuicy, for a while now.  I have finally created on for the biz @KiwiAndEllie1

midlifestyletipskim1Kim aka @MidLifeStyle tips is so fun to follow.  Her photos seem to jump off the screen! She not only posts the best outfits but she features other thrifty women on her feed as well.  She is a die-hard thrifter.  I mean seriously you need to follow her on Instagram! Below are a few pictures of her outfits made up of thrifted items.

In her own words…

“6 things you can almost always snag at any decent thrift store for just a few buckaroos: striped tops, jeans (all colors), plaid shirts, jean jackets, chambray tops, workout clothes… And a million other miscellaneous pieces that you had no idea you needed until you saw them on the rack & they just happened to fall into your cart (yes, CART) all by their innocent ‘ole self ?!

But no big deal because at a thrift or consignment store, you’re paying pennies on the dollar!!”


leopardcollageAnother huge trend is animal prints.  Most notably leopard.  I have a great selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and scarves to add a little animal attitude to your outfit! Pictured at left is the always stunning Helen @HelenGreenwell wearing one of our most popular leopard items.  It’s a faux fur scarf that even in warm climate of Houston I still wear one.

Below is stunning Helen aka @HelenGreenwell.  She’s wearing the lovely faux fur leaopard scarf.



f3n783296blkgdAnn’s Op-Ed

One of the most exciting things about having this business it the challenge of looking ahead at least one or two seasons to know what will be in style. Then I begin searching dozens of suppliers to acquire products I hope people will want to buy.

One item I’m having a hard time with is chokers this year.  I would never wear them but they are so incredibly popular.  I have reached out to my Instagram community to guide me in selecting chokers that will sell.  I truly appreciate their help.  I think I offer a nice collection of quality chokers due in large part to their input.

Finally… Let’s talk Blanket Scarves.

In addition to chokers being incredibly popular this season, blanket scarves are equally, if not more, popular.  I have several of my collaborators posting pics on Instagram of a few from my collection.  Every time they do this, orders come in for scarves.

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