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March is our Tenth Birthday!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that Kiwi & Ellie has survived for ten years!  To celebrate this milestone I have planned a month of fun that will include a style challenge, giveaways, sales and so much more!

Most of you already know about the huge giveaway I am hosting along with some amazing woman-owned businesses.  They have so graciously sent such fun things for the giveaway.  

I know today is only February 28th but I just couldn’t wait another day.  During the month of March you can earn $10 in Kiwi Cash for every $50 you spend.  There are not restrictions, no limit to how much you can earn.  PLUS!! You can still use discount codes.  You don’t need to do a thing.  Once your purchase is made you will receive a gift code within 24 hours.

Something else I have never done on my own is host a style challenge.  The way this will work is I will post several photos of each theme.  If you’d like to join in on the fun, You’ll need to dress as close as possible to one of the photos and tag it with #KiwiAndEllieStyle.  Plus tag my business account on your photo.  There are three challenges for the month.

  1. Wearing leopard
  2. Preppy
  3. Kelly green

Some of the photos for the challenge will be on my instagram feed while others will be posted on my blog first.  The idea for the challenge to match as closely as possible to the photos. Here is a sneak peek to get your imagination fired up. More photos will be published in each blog post through the month of March.

The winners will be chosen by a panel of my collaborators.  All three outfit challenges run the entire month.  What will you win? Keep and eye on my blog for details.

What else is happening in March?  Stay tuned!

So be sure you and your friends sign up for my blog feed.  There will also be special promotions only listed on my blog!


Disclaimer: These photos are NOT my property.  I found them as a result of a Google search.  If any of these belong to, you or someone you know, and you want them removed; please email me and I will remove them immediately.

A New Age of Loops

Happy Sunday from Houston,

As many of you may already know, I am putting together a group of businesses that include small and medium woman and men owned companies. I even a few young entrepreneurs.

As of today I am thrilled to report that I have brought on twelve companies in the past week alone.  They range from a hand-embroidered men’s belt company giving back to the community of Haiti and allowing women a chance at an honest living in the process.  Other companies are start-ups with novel ideas.  I also have a lovely woman named Meliaa who makes the most amazing candles, wax tarts and more.  She sent me a few last week and I can honestly tell you the wax tarts last longer than Yankee Candle and throw just the right amount of fragrance.  You can follow her on instagram @colddiva_collections.

Every week I will be telling you about new companies and how you can support small businesses.  Remember every time you buy from a small business there is a big smile on the other end of that transaction.

I have also enjoyed working with two other wonderful women. Kayla Baggatt of @brookewood3.  She does custom monogramming and OMG I’m in love with the pink tote with my initials monogrammed in Navy that she sent me.

Another amazing woman, Lyndsey of @Drinkadoodledo_, makes the most adorable coffee to go tumblers and Large mason jar sippy cups for grown ups! I asked her to make this for me and I use it every morning on my ride to work.

Just yesterday I received a package in the mail from another wonderful woman I am collaborating with.  Her name is Maria of Maria’s Closet on Etsy.  Gotta love Etsy!

So many more businesses have joined me in this great loop group that is aimed at a target audience. Not of random group of followers as with the international loop giveaways with over thirty accounts to follow.  I tried two of them and sure my numbers grew.  But, I don’t even ship internationally.  So what’s the point?

Let me say that they can be fun to join and people really do win MacBooks, Louis Vuitton bags and much more.  I haven’t yet though.

My Loop Group project is going to grow followers the organic way.  Real, engaged, followers that may very well purchase from you!

These preppy hair pretties from Marina’s closet are sooo adorable.  The Lilly hair clips are going to my grand niece and I am keeping the embroidered hair ties for myself! I have to tell you I was born preppy.  Life on Cape Cod was always about Lilly, the ocean and yachting.  Of course trips to the Vineyard and Nantucket are a way of life.  Yes, I hope to move back there soon.

Anyway, I digress. I do that a lot!

You really need to see what Marina has listed in her shop.  She makes these things that just put a smile on your face.

I have just begun listing the amazing businesses who have joined me this week.  Every weekend I’ll introduce you to more.  I’ve got some really fun (small and meaningful) loop giveaways coming up so be sure you are following me in Instagram @KiwiAndElliie and @CapeCodAtHeart

If you, or someone you know, would like to join my group, drop me a line at:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll be waiting for you to join me soon!


Supporting Small Businesses – Kayla Baggett


Happy Super Bowl Sunday from Houston, Texas!

Today I am featuring a very talented woman that I recently teamed up with.  Her name is Kayla and she has a great line custom monogrammed items.  You can find her on Instagram @brookewood3 === We have a giveaway going on right now that I’m really excited about. There is still time to enter!  The deadline is 9 pm CST tonight. Follow both of us and tag as many friends as you like. Hopefully you are already following me @KiwiAndEllie

Not only is Kayla absolutely stunning, but she turns out high-quality products.  I’ve posted a few of her items below.  I hope you will visit her Instagram account and her etsy store.  She also has a web site: You can save 20% off your purchase by using code: KIWI20.  How awesome is that?

Something that is really fun about partnering with other small and woman-owned businesses is that we help promote each other while having fun doing it. I have some monogrammed items arriving from her soon and I can’t wait to share them with you.

I asked Kayla to tell me a little about herself and how she got started in this business.  Here’s what she said.

“It all started with a simple Christmas present from Santa!! It was an embroidery machine. ?  So, I started making monogrammed gifts a few years ago. It’s only been a couple of years and I have discovered this is my passion! I love seeing smiling faces after they receive a gift that is personalized for them. It truly brings so much joy to me.

Shortly after receiving my first embroidery machine from Santa, I branched out and purchased 2 more! Plus I also purchased a screen printing business. Needless to say, this is my passion, this is what I live for. This is my business!”

Kayla Baggett

Her photos are taken by Forever Yours Photography. You can see Ashley’s work on her Instagram Feed @forever_yours_photography.  She is based in Atlanta, GA

If you are a small or woman-owned business and would like to be featured on my blog and social media, please send me an email  Enjoy your day Y’all.

The high cost of plus size

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today I read a blog post by “Grown and Curvy” about Target’s new plus-size collection.  She mentioned that although Target is carrying a variety of styles online, most are not carrying the line in stores.  This got me thinking, again, about how frustrating it is to be:

  1. Relinquished to shopping in the “woman’s section.”
  2. Having to go to a separate “Woman” store.
  3. Paying a premium

Sadly, I am speaking of Talbots, my absolute favorite line of clothing.  If you follow my personal Instagram account @CapeCodAtHeart You will see that literally 95% of my wardrobe comes from there.

Here’s the rub. First of all, the sizes are always separated either by walls or total stores.  That doesn’t seem fair.  Then, plus-sizes are ALWAYS more expensive.  Well, you think, “Maybe it costs more to manufacture due to the use of more fabric.” Yes, I considered that theory.  However, it is not true.  Here’s why.  I am currently wearing a 14WP in bottoms and a 12WP in tops.  Some times I’ll wear and XLP or regular XL.  It depends on the style.  Okay, so we have established I am probably in the Woman’s section, or store, most of the time.  Don’t let me lose you here.  This is very insightful.  So, regular petite sizes only go up to 16P but regular woman’s sizes go up to 18.  So, an 18 regular is too big for me.  Now, I have to either go to another store or move to the “Woman” section for bottoms.  A size 18 is larger than a woman size 14WP.  But I have to pay more because I am petite.  Then there is the sheer fact that a regular size 18 is also too big for me on top.  So, I have to again go to another section or store for a top.  And, pay more again.

Ugh.  So, now let’s say I tried on a blouse in the “Woman” section.  I tried the 12WP and it fits.  Great but a surcharge is placed on it.  Now, I go back to the regular sizes and the size 18 (remember petite only goes to 16P.) Guess what?  I’m swimming in the size 18.  Again, that too has more fabric.

So, in a nut shell, plus size women in certain size ranges pay a premium because of subtle sizing differences imposed by the retailers.  Then even larger size women don’t even have the choice to cross-over shop.  So I pose this question…. What about the woman who wears a size 0?  Why doesn’t she get a discount because far less material is needed?  No, she definitely won’t.

Retailers can also gauge size popularity by what is left at clearance time.  Isn’t it usually harder to find larger sizes on clearance?  It is for me.  I see lots of small sizes on the clearance rack.  Why?  Because we plus size women spend money to look good.  We may even pay full price since the odds of finding the item on sale or clearance is slim.

It is not just Talbots that does this.  I don’t want to single them out.  I’m still going to shop there all the time, I will also continue to pay a premium because I love the label.  I have loyal customer for over twenty years as a size 6.  At that time they didn’t even have plus sizes.

Oh and another thing.  Based on the location of the store, they may not even go as high as 16P or regular 18.  Their demographic analysis shows that women of “that” size don’t shop there.  Well they are wrong,  One Talbots store in Plymouth, MA didn’t go any higher than 14P (my size a couple of years ago). So I would pretty much have to buy online or get lucky if a larger size item was returned in the store.  There was a “special” rack for the larger sizes tucked into the back corner of the store.  Gosh, I’m kind of getting more annoyed as I write this.

Enjoy your weekend and Go Pats!  #DoYourJob #PatriotsNation.