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Raffles = Kiwi Cash

When’s the last time you entered a raffle?

Well, you might want to start now.  Through June 30th everyone has a chance to win $25 in Kiwi Cash to spend on my site.

How to enter:

For every order placed through June 30th you will receive ten raffle tickets with your order. Starting June 16th I will be drawing a ticket from my bowl and posting the ticket on Instagram.  You will have 24 hours to respond by email with a picture of your matching ticket.

No purchase necessary to win. This “raffle” is void in states that prohibit it.  This is open to U.S. residents only unless you receive written permission from me.  This is only due to increased shipping charges on international orders.

I will send you five raffle tickets if you send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Ann Francis
Kiwi & Ellie
2727 Elmside Dr #206
Houston, TX 77042

Hello Ladies,

I know this is my second blog post of today. Yes, this is very unusual of me. I have just added a new plug in for my blog subscriptions since many of you have told me you are not receiving them.

If you do, in fact, get this post in your email, I would be so happy if you could drop me an email letting me know.  Of course if you no longer want to receive these emails, please let me know as well and I will promptly remove you from the list.

When you first visit my site you will see a pop-up window asking you to subscribe to my blog.  Then there is a link on the right side of the page below my archived posts that should also allow you to sign up.  Let’s hope it is all working!!

Your favorite Instagram friend, Ann (@KiwiAndEllie and @CapeCodAtHeart)

Memorial Day 2017

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
I hope you have some fun things planned. If I were back home on The Cape we’d be barbecuing, eating lobster, corn on the cob and my brother’s famous onion dip and chips. There would probably be some Linguiça too!
We have a huge Portuguese population on the Cape and this is a staple for us. It is pronounced [lĩˈɡwisɐ]) and is a form of smoke cured pork sausage seasoned with garlic and paprika. Gaspar’s is the best brand.  Your grocery store may not carry it but you can special request it.  I used to shop at Publix in Tampa. After requesting a special order for some, it found it’s own place on the shelf.  Must have been because of the “snow bird” from up north who went south for the winter.

Sadly, I am still living in Houston and don’t know anyone so I won’t be firing up the “barbie” this year.  I am really hoping to find a job that will allow me to move back up north or at least to Florida where I have friends. I miss celebrating holidays with my family.

I am also remember my dad’s service to our country this weekend.  He graduated from King’s Point Merchant Marine academy and spent many years in service of.  Later he joined the Navy as an officer and was the navigator on his ship. Back then he used a Sextant to determine where the ship was and where it was going. Many of you will have no idea what that is. He used this tool to find their way by watching the stars.  How cool is that? Here is a link to the definition on Wikipedia in case you’re interested.

Please be safe, have fun and make memories.  Don’t drink and drive. Call an Uber if you have to. There are people, and pets, that are depending on you to be around for many years to come.

One final note… Save 25% off the entire site this weekend by using code MEMORIALDAY2017. Not eligible on previous purchases.  No exclusions.


Kristin aka Maine_Blonde

Happy May.

How’s the weather shaping up for you?  It’s hot and humid here in Texas.  This comes as no surprise to us all.

I am really excited to show you some awesome picks from my Instagrammer @Maine_Blonde. If you don’t follow her, you really should.  I love her style and she loves my jewelry! Her photos are all so bright and cheery.  You can shop her look here.  Just go to the home page to access my store front.  I’d love to see your photos!  Send them my way.

I have some great new arrivals this week.  Here are a few. All of these are in the “New Arrivals” category.  Happy shopping!