Auctions on Instagram? Oh yes!!

We love hearing from our followers. So, asked and answered. We will start having online (Instagram) auctions.

Each week we’ll have Wacky Wednesday auctions. From 7 – 9 pm CST.

We will auction off new arrivals, popular pieces as well as “jewelry packages.” These packages will consist of two or more items.

Shipping will be free. ┬áPlus, if you already subscribe to our blog and/or email campaigns you’ll get a sneak peek the night before. You can even place a bid early by sending us a DM on Instagram. Just tell us the item and your bid.

Tell your friends to sign up so they can bid on the auctions too.


Oh, yes! ┬áDon’t forget our Kiwi Kash Loyalty program started this week.

Be sure to sign up and start earning points. Visit the sign up page here.

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