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Introducing our Kiwi Kash Loyalty Program.

Happy Saturday Friends!

As promised, today we are launching our Loyalty Rewards program. Here’s how it works.

  1. You earn 1 point for each dollar you spend on our site.
  2. Sign up for our email campaign and earn 100 points.
  3. If you are already subscribed, don’t worry.  You’ll start with 100 points.
  4. For every review you write you earn 50 points.
  5. For every comment on our blog posts you earn 50 points
  6. Every time you tag us showing off our jewelry on Instagram, you get 50 points.
  7. Refer a friend by asking them to mention your name & Instagram account at checkout and earn 50 points.
  8. Share photos of yourself wearing our jewelry and tag us with the hashtag #KiwiKash and earn 50 points.
  9. Repost our posts and earn 50 points.
  10. The final awesome perk of joining our Loyalty program is private sales and giveaways just for you.

This first ten people to sign up this weekend will receive a free “My story isn’t over” necklace. Now how’s that for a start? Just the beginning of our program.

Points translate into Kiwi Cash:

  • 100 points = $5.00 in Kiwi Cash
  • 300 points = $10.00 in Kiwi Cash
  • 500 points = $25.00 in Kiwi Cash

Get started right now by signing up for our email campaigns. Earn your first 100 points now!

Please help stop Cyber-Bullying

Happy Saturday!

I have a childhood friend who gives more of himself for charity more than any single person I have ever known.

His name is Wayne Soares and he is amazing. Wayne is pictured on the far right in the photo. He is part of a nation-wide campaign to stop cyber bullying. I am asking for your help.

Please visit his web site to learn, donate, get involved.  This is a direct plea to all of you amazing followers of mine.

He is available for speaking engagements. This would be great for elementary and high schools as well as colleges.

Click here to visit the web site and help get out the word the bullying is never okay.  He has written some great articles geared toward school age children and what teachers and parents can do to help. Buy a tee and post a photo of you wearing it on social media and point your followers to his site.

I have donated personally.  I am also giving away a free pair of mini tassel earrings to the first eight people who make a purchase or monetary donation.

Imagine if you told just three people about this and they told three people, and so on, and so on. Just imagine how many people we can reach.  Plus our support may just help save a life. Isn’t that worth a few dollars?

I will pay the cost of shipping.  You will pay absolutely nothing.  I would truly appreciate if you would all share this cause on your social media so we can get a big boost of financial support so Wayne can do what he does best, talk, inform and motivate.

I am proud to call him a friend and admire him for all he does to make this a better world.

Ann Francis

Don’t give up on Summer yet!

Happy Friday Dear Friends,

I have spent less time on blog posts and more time on email campaigns. Then it occurred to me you may not be on that list.

Just in case, let’s catch up a bit.

I just love being able to do my “Op-eds” on here.  We are not even halfway through August and everyone is trying to rush through the summer to get to fall. Even stores have rushed us.  Halloween decor is already stocked in most big box stores.

Why?  Let’s savor our summertime. Don’t start buying your fall scarves only to have them stashed in your closet for another six weeks.

I know the appeal of back-to-school shopping was so exciting growing up.  I get that.  But since most of us are no longer in school, we don’t really “need” to do that.  So, instead of that past-time, let’s create a new one.

Get out your blender and whip up some Pina Coladas, put on your bathing suit and a cool pair of dark Sunnies and head out the door.

Nothing fancy. A Solo cup works just fine. Who cares if you go to a tropical beach, the lake, or even just your back yard. The point is this, we still have plenty of time to enjoy the summer before the crisp fall weather turns into gut-wrenching freezing cold days.  I’ll bet you’ll look back and wish you had enjoyed summer a little bit longer.

What Op-Ed wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of our new jewelry.

Things that go bling.

Major Clearance Sale

Hi Ladies!

We have added over 300 pieces to our clearance section.  This is a the biggest sale we have ever had!

All rings are $5.00. All watches and scarves are also just $5.00. That includes the Twilly scarves as well!

Even with these amazing sale prices you are still eligible to receive a “gift with purchase” when you spend $25 or more. Check out the home page for more information about the gift.

We recently added monogram jewelry to our site and delivery time is only about two weeks.  We have heard from many of our Instagram followers that they have waited well over three weeks.  So, if you are looking for quick turnaround please browse our monogram category. Lindsay is wearing the 2″ size monogram necklace that arrived in less than two weeks.

We also have some great new pieces that arrived this week.  We are already almost sold out of the wood bead tassel bracelets.  They are great for layering. Click the image to shop.

Have you seen our other new arrivals? We have some gorgeous new tassel earring styles. We have also added another Yurman inspired cuff bracelet.

May you all enjoy a wonderful weekend with friends and family.



Celebrating our collaborators

Lindsay @Short_Sweet_Petite_

Happy Monday!

We are honoring our amazing social media collaborators (brand ambassadors) all month. Honestly, we honor them every day.

This week we sent My Cookie Charm Instagram cookies to all the lovely ladies.

Our collaborators:

  • Help plan for new product arrivals
  • Name items
  • Promote our line on social media and blogs
  • Enjoy a combination of deep discounts, free jewelry, as well as private sales and giveaways. If you wold like to join us, please visit our Collaboration page.
  • Plus, you earn 20% on each sale you generate in the form of “Kiwi Kash” to spend on our site.  You’ll also be given a 20% discount code to share with friends as well.

Here are some of our top “influencers” showing their “Instag-cookies.”

Gift with purchase

Can you believe it is already July?

This year is just flying by.  We have some great new collaborators to work with and we are gearing up for another Kiwi & Ellie Style challenge.  It was originally scheduled for July but we need a bit more time to prepare.

So, we decided it would be fun to make every order even better…

Nothing delights us more than getting a “gift with purchase.” So we are giving YOU a gift with purchase in July.

These gorgeous beaded tassel earrings are yours with any order $25 or more.  The retail value is $19.99. This bonus is only available while supplies last.

You don’t need a special code.  You will receive a confirmation that your gift with purchase has been added to your order within 24 hours.

All of us at Kiwi & Ellie want to thank you, our amazing customers, for your support of small businesses and for all the “shout-outs” you give us on social media.


Would you like to be one of our collaborators? Donna, our Director of Marketing, plays a big roll in our collaboration program.  You can even earn 20% on each sale generated by your social media posts in the form of Kiwi Kash.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Donna or Ann.

Have a safe and blessed evening.

Brand Rep Search & Private Sale

Hello ladies,

We are always on the lookout for brand reps.  In fact, there is a page on our site that explains how our program works.  Click here if you are interested.

We have a wonderful group of insta friends that help shape our business in so many ways. They are consulted as new products are considered.  Their feedback is so valued.  These are the influencers of our collections.

Have you seen the latest addition to our line?  The Whimsy Collection is a huge hit. These wearable works of art are selling faster than we can make them.  We also take requests for color/themes of cuff bracelets.  Drop us an email to request a special order Whimsy cuff bracelet. Or, you can always send a DM on instagram @KiwiAndEllie

These are so fun to wear.  They make a statement. Similar styles are sold through Anthropolgie for well over $200.  We charge just $39.95 each. Plus remember we are offering free shipping all month.

Thank you to all who took advantage of the 30% off all earrings sale today.  This was for our subscribers only.  Here’s a new exclusive sale for “insiders.”

Save 30% off all bracelets through Monday night with code MON30.

We would love your feedback on anything from how user friendly is our site to suggestions for jewelry you’d like us to offer.  Plus, we love your posts on social media.  It is great to see we have such wonderful customers.

Reminder: July is Style Challenge Month.  Our previous style challenge was so popular in March that we are bringing it back.  The same rules will apply.  We use the hashtag #KiwiAndEllieStyleChallenge. You can get a sneak peak at some of the outfits here.


It’s Saturday – Earrings Sale

Happy Saturday everyone,
You’re getting a head start on the sale this weekend. Save 30% off all earrings. Use code: EARRINGS30.

We are also getting ready to add a monogram shop. Take a sneak peak of the jewelry collection here.

This is a sampling of some of the collections we’ll be offering:

Dottie Collection

Dawson Collection

Baseball Hats

Burlap Collection

Boho Collection


We are also introducing the Whimsy Cuff Bracelet Collection:

Thank you for sharing your photos

Hi again,

I’m really enjoying doing these posts.  Today I want to thank all my customers and collaborators.  It really is true that after you hit “submit” I do a happy dance when I see your order!

I’m also grateful to all of you who share your images of my jewelry and accessories.  I’m not going to lie.  I am bad at creating magic with photos.  Yes, most of my images are stock. However, since so many of you are sharing, I’m able to one by one replace stock photos with your “Glam” shots.

I would like to share a few with you all to show my true appreciation for the time and effort you spend taking these photos.

Everything looks so much better in real life.  Also, since my prices are lower than anyone else (see my price match guarantee) there really is no reason to shop anywhere else? Am I right?

I would love to see more photos of my jewelry/accessories, so please keep sending them my way!

I’d like to thank my Director of Marketing, Donna, for pretty much posting something from my shop every day!!!  I’d also like to thank my two newest collaborators, Brandi and Lindsay. I may have already mentioned them the other day.

Well, the four of us are having so much fun choosing pieces for my fall line that I just have to say thank you again to you three lovely ladies.  You are really making my life so much easier. Plus, what a great selection arriving for fall.

Donna’s birthday giveaway ends tonight.  The winner will be announced tomorrow. Lindsay and I are doing a giveaway on Monday so be sure you are watching my Instagram feed.