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Trick or Treat Totes ~ Monogrammed of course..

Halloween Tote Bucket

Halloween Tote Bucket


We are so excited to offer these adorable new Trick or Treat Tote Buckets.  Use them for so many purposes.  Not just for Trick or Treating. Use them for handing out candy.  Have your last name monogrammed on them.  Fill them with great gifts for the “You’ve Been Boo’d” tradition in the neighborhood or how about a great gift bag of treats for the teacher with his/her name on it?  The children will love it!


What is “You’ve Been Boo’d?”  it’s a time-honored tradition among families with children.  Someone starts the chain in your neighborhood filling a basket, or in this case, a Monogrammed Tote full of fun goodies and a note saying “You’ve Been Boo’d.” Then you are asked to hang the big ghost poster (hand made is better) showing the neighborhood that “I’ve been Boo’d.”

Halloween Tote BucketIt’s only fair to let people know so more families get a chance.  Then your mission is to return the favor by “Boo’ing” another family.  On and on it goes until the whole neighborhood has been in on the fun.  Oh, and of course you never let on who you “Boo’d.”  That’s part of the fun!  Keep all the kids guessing….

Have a safe, fun and eventful Halloweed!

Maei Artisan Jewelry from Sweden is here!

It’s an honor to be first.

FrontCategorySMI’m so thankful to Marieke Slangen, the Dutch designer from the Netherlands, for allowing me to be the first U.S. retailer to offer her stunning line of hand painted bead jewelry.  She finds her inspiration from folk art of countries around the world.  She’s a true artist.  Her designs are intricate and unique.  

Each bead is painted by her small group of seasoned artists.  Making each piece is unique in that they are no mass-produced.  There is an appreciation in society today for true craftsmanship.  That is evident in her designs.  I hope you will be fortunate enough to own one of her works.  

As new designs are created, we will offer them to our American customers. ~Ann

Shop her collection

The Friday Addition

I’m so grateful for my new partnership with DRTaylor Designs.  We will now be offering custom designed, hand painted, solid wood bangles that you can design yourself! ~ Ann


Such a wonderful selection and I’m looking forward to launching her jewelry today.

Oh, and guess what?  I’m giving one away to a lucky winner!!  Woooo!  Enter the giveaway today!

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all.  Be Happy, have fun and most of all be safe!