Coming to terms with my body

For so many years, I was thin enough that my body and my brain coexisted in harmony.  Nearly ann2five years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease which is an autoimmune disease affecting your thyroid gland which in turn regulates your metabolism.  Some people have such an efficient thyroid that they naturally maintain a slim physique.  There are so many things that contribute to being overweight.  I am certainly not entirely blaming my disease on the weight gain but it has played a significant role.

Other things that are also not helping things is the fact that I am now over 50 and I don’t cook.  So although I eat lots of salads and organic frozen food, that doesn’t mean I’m not taking in too many calories.  Also, my work schedule is not conducive to working out.  But that is no excuse either.  In any case, here I am the plus size petite woman over 50.  I actually still think I am thin like I was five years ago until I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I am truly horrified when that happens.

I just really felt I wanted to share this because the struggle is real.  But, clearly the motivation to make a concerted effort to lose weight is just not in me at the moment.  So, with that, I’ve posted a few of my outfits from this past month.  Please don’t judge.

Of course I mostly dress head to toe in Talbots.
if you look closely you will see I’m wearing white beaded
tassel earrings from my collection.

More Talbots head to toe and Sperrys


This shirt is actually from the Loft.  But I love the Everyday Chinos from Talbots.  I own every color they sell


This brown dress, blue beads and leopard shoes are all from my collection!