Do Preppy people live in Tampa? Part 2

I’m still wondering if Preps exist here.  Am I the only person who likes things monogrammed down here?  Today I’m comparing the way I dressed in High School to the way teens here dress. ~Ann

First, let me say it’s a good thing my daughter and her friends don’t take the time to read my blog posts.  Let’s just say they seem to have shorter attention spans than the teens of yesteryear.  Thanks to the digital age and instant gratification.  I mean, why read a page of text when a simple tweet with lingo will get the same point across in 140 characters or less.

That said, let’s take a look back at the first day of school my Freshman year of High School in Falmouth, MA.  By the way, it’s “On the Cape” not “At the Cape.”  And, we don’t need to say the word “cod.”  That’s a given.

HighSchoolFreshAnyway, I can picture it clearly and if we have cell phones then, I’d have a photo to show you.  But, it would require me digging into a storage unit full of old photos in plastic bins that no doubt have been ruined over the years.

So, I wore my Kelly green khakis, a dark blue Lacoste shirt (collar up), a white button down Oxford with my monogram on the cuff, a matching navy ribbon belt and watch with a navy, green and white striped ribbon strap, navy suede clogs and my Bermuda bag with a navy cover and my monogram in white.  If any of my Cape friends are reading this now, they’re laughing out loud (LOL).  That’s you Gina! And, lest we not forget, the coordinating ribbon headband!

First day of High school in Tampa is more like this… a pair of Hollister jeans, flip flops and a t-shirt.  the jeans are skin tight and the shirt is conveniently short enough that the girls won’t get dress code, but is may ride up a bit now and then, bearing their belly button ring. No belt, no watch, OMG, why do they need one?  They all have their cell phones and that’s all they need.  Doubtful they are carrying a purse.

They didn’t bring coordinating school supplies with adorable binders and such all neatly organized with everything they need to start the year.  No Bonnie Bell lip gloss in their bag either.  Maybe some Chapstick in their back pocket.  Keep in mind, my daughter attends what some refer to here as a “Boutique” school.  The kids drive Beemers and Escalades.  Their first car!

Forget taking the time to pre-plan their outfits or have anything that matches!  Noooo!!!  They do take pictures though.  Eh hem, I mean “Selfies” and post them all over Instagram and Twitter.

Well, one thing stayed the same….