Don’t give up on Summer yet!

Happy Friday Dear Friends,

I have spent less time on blog posts and more time on email campaigns. Then it occurred to me you may not be on that list.

Just in case, let’s catch up a bit.

I just love being able to do my “Op-eds” on here.  We are not even halfway through August and everyone is trying to rush through the summer to get to fall. Even stores have rushed us.  Halloween decor is already stocked in most big box stores.

Why?  Let’s savor our summertime. Don’t start buying your fall scarves only to have them stashed in your closet for another six weeks.

I know the appeal of back-to-school shopping was so exciting growing up.  I get that.  But since most of us are no longer in school, we don’t really “need” to do that.  So, instead of that past-time, let’s create a new one.

Get out your blender and whip up some Pina Coladas, put on your bathing suit and a cool pair of dark Sunnies and head out the door.

Nothing fancy. A Solo cup works just fine. Who cares if you go to a tropical beach, the lake, or even just your back yard. The point is this, we still have plenty of time to enjoy the summer before the crisp fall weather turns into gut-wrenching freezing cold days.  I’ll bet you’ll look back and wish you had enjoyed summer a little bit longer.

What Op-Ed wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some of our new jewelry.

Things that go bling.

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