Harvey Relief Fund Auction

Happy Friday,

Our last auction helped raise $279.00 for the JJ Watt fund.  We are doing another one the week of September 24th. The tentative date is Tuesday, the 25th. We are still trying to determine the best day of week for people to be engaged on Instagram. So far we have 13 small businesses/individuals donating to the auction. More offers continue to come in.

If you want to be part of the auction, you don’t need to be a business owner.  Come up with something you can make or have purchased and never used.  Anything new is welcomed.

To contact us about donating to the auction, please email us at HousontHelps@KiwiEllie.com

Of course, feel free to share the details of our auction, or forward this post, to people you think would like to donate. Our goal for this auction is $1,000.  We need everyone’s help.

For all of you who subscribe to our emails and/or are donating to the auction, we are extending you an exclusive discount of 30% off through October 31st.  The only category that is not part of the discount is the Monogram category.

So far, the following businesses have graciously offered donations. Please follow these wonderful businesses on Instagram.

It would be great if you shop their web sites or Etsy stores.  The links below are to their Instagram accounts:

  1. Kiwi & Ellie
  2. Vera Reese Designs
  3. Blue Pear Farms
  4. Castles and coffee
  5. The Friendly Daisy
  6. Love From Here To China
  7. Bye Peanut
  8. Girlees and Brothers Too
  9. Shop the Blue Hydrangea
  10. Asher Riley
  11. Proper Fetch
  12. The Sophisticated Seahorse Studio
  13. Francie Holt is making homemade dog biscuits and preppy dog bows!

Please follow @HoustonHelps on Instagram. This is where the auction will be held.  No money is received by companies who have donated to the auction. Winners will donate the dollar amount directly to the JJ Watt relief fund, as before.  Once we receive confirmation of the donation, the businesses will ship your package. Shipping is also free.

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