Huge Clearance Sale

Hi Fellow Social Media Ladies,

Just a quick note:

We are closing out our inventory to make room for new merchandise.  This is an exciting time of year and you’ll find some seriously awesome bargains in our sale and clearance sections.  We would love to hear from you regarding the kinds of products you would like us to sell.  Do you have a favorite style you’d like to see offered on our site?

Oh and this is great.  Through tomorrow we are having a 25% off sale with No restrictions.  Use code: MLK at checkout.

Twilly scarves are so “in” right now.  It’s incredible what you can do with them.  Look at your options.  Plus, you can wear them tied around your neck as a choker.  We have over a dozen styles to choose from.

We love our customers so please continue to tag KiwiAndEllie on Instagram.  You may get featured on our feed!


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