It’s AFC Champions playoff weekend

Hello friends,

For those of you who don’t already know this, I grew up on Cape Cod (We simply say “The Cape.”) So obviously I am looking forward to tomorrow’s Patriots vs. Steelers game.  Hoping my Pats win and move on to the Super Bowl,  Well, because I am so excited, I decided to offer 50% off my entire site for one day only.  Tomorrow is that day! Use code PATS50.

So, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to tell you about all the fabulous new items that have arrived this month.  A few posts back, I talked about the “feel” of accessories this year being about the Industrial look.  I’ve brought in some incredibly popular pieces.  In fact, it’s harder than I expected to keep them in stock.  I’ve show a few of them below.



From the Shackle bracelets and rings, to the silver bullet necklace, this is the look for spring 2017.  Of course,  growing up the consummate Prep from The Cape, I still hold true to my image of what it means to dress according to my upbringing.  That means Sperrys without socks regardless of the temperature, matching my jewelry, watch band and belt to my outfit.  Rarely mixing two metal colors and staying away from clothing styles that are short-living trends.  My style is classic and timeless. Think Lilly Pulitzer, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren (Green or Black label only), Talbots, J Crew, and Vineyard Vines.  Although VV didn’t start selling women’s clothes until I was an adult.  We also had a brand called Papagallo which I don’t think is around anymore.  They made the preppiest rain coats ever!  If I am missing any brands, please let me know. It was the 80’s, the birth of the term “Preppy.” Before that, some called us “Townies.”  I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard that term.  We also wore Nikes and Addidas sneakers.  But for tennis it was only Tretorns. Everything was monogrammed.  I mean everything.  The cuff or collar of our Oxford shirts, necks of our turtlenecks and on the center of our pullover sweaters.  Oh and one popular item I hope NEVER comes back in style is the CB jacket.  Google it, lol.  Okay, I just got way off topic.  Sorry…

So, with that in mind, you’ll still find fun preppy style jewelry mixed in with “of the moment” trends because I can’t sell only what I like.  I have to think of my customers.  I’m so proud to say you range from high school age to retirees.  How fun is that?

Oh, and lest I forget… Have you heard about my Kiwi Cash program?  Become an affiliate and earn 10% of every sale generated by your personal link to my site.  One of my affiliates earned $45 so far this month.  Of course she spent it right away.  Wouldn’t you?

So cheers to the New England Patriots – #DoYourJob #PatriotsNation and I can’t forget my boys in black and gold, The Boston Bruins.  NHL Center Ice package is life!

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