November Newsletter

Happy Holidays from Kiwi & Ellie

It’s already been a year since I moved from Massachusetts to Houston, TX. Time sure does fly. I must admit I really miss my family up north and my daughter at ASU in Tempe. What a great year it has been for Kiwi & Ellie. Lots of giveaways on social media and fun challenges for prizes.

Kiwi & Ellie turns 10 years old.

Our tenth anniversary is next March. So, I will definitely be doint some great giveaways that month. Even though I already do one each week. Originally this company was started with the intention of bringing American brands to the Dubai retail market. When we moved to Dubai in 2007 I noticed there were lots of European brands in the malls but not many American ones. I saw a problem and decided to solve it.

Kiwi & EllieAnother great thing that happened with the business this year is finally creating a new logo. It was a long time coming. I think I’ve done a pretty good job with the new branding.

My daughter, eight years old at the time, came up with the business name. Her favorite stuffed animal was named “Ellie” and her Lop-earred bunny was named “Kiwi.” Well there you go, the company was born.

Over the next several years I went about brokering deals between U.S. suppliers and Dubai retailers. It was a lot of fun and seeing the brands I brought over displayed in the shops was a real thrill.

In 2010 my daughter and I return to the States. My business then morphed into a customized online retailer of monogrammed clothing and accessories as well as travel and home merchandise.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.  See you in January!