Please help stop Cyber-Bullying

Happy Saturday!

I have a childhood friend who gives more of himself for charity more than any single person I have ever known.

His name is Wayne Soares and he is amazing. Wayne is pictured on the far right in the photo. He is part of a nation-wide campaign to stop cyber bullying. I am asking for your help.

Please visit his web site to learn, donate, get involved.  This is a direct plea to all of you amazing followers of mine.

He is available for speaking engagements. This would be great for elementary and high schools as well as colleges.

Click here to visit the web site and help get out the word the bullying is never okay.  He has written some great articles geared toward school age children and what teachers and parents can do to help. Buy a tee and post a photo of you wearing it on social media and point your followers to his site.

I have donated personally.  I am also giving away a free pair of mini tassel earrings to the first eight people who make a purchase or monetary donation.

Imagine if you told just three people about this and they told three people, and so on, and so on. Just imagine how many people we can reach.  Plus our support may just help save a life. Isn’t that worth a few dollars?

I will pay the cost of shipping.  You will pay absolutely nothing.  I would truly appreciate if you would all share this cause on your social media so we can get a big boost of financial support so Wayne can do what he does best, talk, inform and motivate.

I am proud to call him a friend and admire him for all he does to make this a better world.

Ann Francis

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