Remembering my dad…

Remembering my dad on the first Father’s Day without him.  He was so smart and funny.  Actually his dry sense of humor and our back and forth banter brought me so much joy.  As a young man he graduated from Kings Point an became a Merchant Marine.  From there he joined the Navy as a navigator.  I remember when I was young he showed me a Sexton and said, “Believe it or not, this was how I navigated our ship.  Using the stars.”  That really fascinated me.  He was an avid tennis player until Parkinson’s disease finally took its toll on him.  He called me almost every day asking me details about everything I did.  He love football (The Patriots) and the Red Sox.  Me?  Well I’m a Bruins fan.  Often the there would be two games on tv at the same time and he’d call me and say I should be watching his sports instead of my hockey.  A funny saying of his as he sat wheelchair bound in the nursing home was “When the dust settles.”  Like as if he had this busy life to attend to, lol.  I used to laugh at the way he answered the phone… It was always “Yellow.”  So I’d reply with “Green.”sm_Dad2

I miss him terribly on this, my first Father’s Day without him.  I’m hoping he, and my mom, have made their peace in heaven.  I know they are both looking down on me, guiding me and forever watching over me.

I miss you daddy!