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The Best Planner Ever

Hello friends!

I am really excited to introduce you to one of my new collaborators.  Jennifer Dawn, a highly successful business woman, a certified business coach and author.  There is no doubt in my mind that she clearly has a proven method of helping people get organized both personally and in business.

We decided that I will follow her proven methods for getting organized, setting goals and creating my vision for the future.

So often we end up living in the moment. We live for that day at work.   We come home after a long day and do what?  Do you do something for yourself every day?  I certainly don’t. Do you grab your journal and look at your goals?  The future you are working toward?  Maybe it’s just me.  But, it has been so long since I’ve had any goals or visions written down that I have no idea what I am striving for.  At this moment I am focusing on getting my daughter through college.  This means maintaining a job with a large salary so I can meet our financial needs.

We may have jobs that we stay at because the pay is great and the benefits are too.  But what if that position doesn’t fulfill our passions, hopes and dreams.

Many years ago I created a Vision Board.  They were really popular about twenty years ago.  At least that is when I created my first one.  I had cut out pictures of homes I loved and decor inspirations, clothing styles I admired, and words of inspiration. I also added photos of places I wanted to visit.

Interestingly enough, a few of the things on that vision board actually came to fruition.  I was longing for a beautiful home with soaring ceilings on a lake with a pool.  I also had photos of Egypt, the pyramids and the Nile river.  I also added pictures of wedding dresses and venues. I was still single at thirty.

Less than a year later I was married to a man who was half Lebanese and half Egyptian.  Within a year we had a beautiful baby girl.  The following year we went to Egypt to visit his family.  What are the odds??  Then just one year later we moved from Boston to Tampa and bought a beautiful home on a lake with soaring ceilings and a pool.  That was really amazing. My point in telling you this is I kept an eye on the prize.  I looked at that vision board every day.  I wrote in my journal all the things I wanted to do, the kind of person I wanted to be.  My vision board also included pictures of gorgeous thin women.  Just six months before I met my husband I was laid off from my job.  With nothing to do I started working out every day.  Within a few months I had dropped about 20 pounds.  This is a lot on a 5′ 2″ woman.  I felt awesome again.  I loved looking at myself in the mirror.

I honestly believe this is why I met my husband.  No, not because only thin people get dates.  It was about my state of mind.  I was clear, determined, confident, and well, really “putting myself out there.”

After the first few years of my marriage I felt as though I was just going day by day with no goals or accomplishments to aspire to.

In 2007 we moved to Dubai because, well, we thought it would be fun.  My then husband had been completely Americanized since he had gone to college in the U.S. and lived here for more than half his life.  But, things changed when we got to Dubai. Over the next two years he started to change. He took on his middle eastern way of thinking, embracing the culture and a new way of life.  I truly believed this was something our marriage would not survive.

Just two years later I returned to the U.S. with my daughter. We never saw him again.  Not by our choice but by his.  He cheated and then married that woman and had a son.  In some cultures men will leave their old family behind.  (Not all men, don’t get me wrong.)

For the last few years work has been about money.  How can I earn enough to support my daughter and myself.  Then there is college.  Good Lord that is expensive. I have felt a longing for inspiration in my personal and professional life.  I need a goal, a purpose a “Vision.”

At what seems to have been just the right time, I came across Dawn’s web site “The Best Planner Ever” and I just knew I needed this system.

In the coming weeks I will be updating you all on my progress and I would love to have you join me in this new way of “being.”

Be sure to follow me on Instagram.  Jennifer and I are going to give away a planner to one lucky person.  If you can’t wait for that, here is her web site to get started right away.  www.bestplannerever.com. Save 15% off your planner with code: KIWI15.

I would love your feedback, comments, words of inspiration. Feel free to leave a comment or email me. Success is Planned!