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Happy 4th of July Weekend

I’m sure everyone is excited for the long weekend. For me it is an anxious time as I have been unemployed since 6d8d21731e77676aec5ce8b35d032bbdthe middle of May. The company I was working for in Houston relocated me here in November. Then I got laid off and here I am half way across the country away from my family and friends on Cape Cod.

I am an eDiscovery Consultant by day and Social Media junkie by, well, all the rest of the time. I decide that since I am over 50, plus size and petite that maybe there are other people like me who want to look stylish. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure I could lose some weight and be more in shape. However, I have a few things working against me aside from my age. I suffer from Hashimotos disease which is an auto-immune disease of the thyroid. So, operating on half of my metabolism makes it hard to lose weight. I also take medication that is most definitely not helping.

So, now you are wondering what does all this have to do with the holiday weekend, right? Here’s the thing. I don’t really know anyone here and I am desperate to get back to working in my field which I love so much. I had a few great phone calls on Friday. But, with the holiday, I won’t hear back from anyone until Tuesday.

300_4thJulyOutfitSince I have no plans for the 4th, I figured I’ll get a few extra posts ahead.  I did pick out a cute outfit to wear this weekend.  I only went to the grocery store, lol. The pants are from Talbots, of course.  White linen drawstring. The Americana style tee is from Lucky Brand. Of course we all know where the sandals are from. Jack Rogers of course.  These are my go-to shoes and are starting to show their wear on the soles.  You can’t tell when I have them on though.


Oh, and speaking of Talbots which basically is about 80% of my wardrobe,  you can shop the pants here:



Here are some cute ideas for the 4th

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Festive Sangria with a fruit twist


Painted Ball jars distressed