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Vineyard Vines at Mashpee Commons

When on Cape Cod…

When I’m on The Cape I can’t resist stopping at the Vineyard Vines store at beautiful Mashpee Commons.  On a recent trip, my sister and I paid a visit to the store.  We both snagged an old time favorite of yesteryear.  Bermuda Bags!  OMG, do you remember them?  When I was growing up we bought our covers at a little store on Main Street in Falmouth called The Fence Rail.  That store is long since gone.  But, our love for all things Preppy lives on.  

Of course we both bought the same bags! And, yes, they are still detachable.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find covers in the Mass Market?  Very hard.  I found a source online.  A woman who makes them to fit your bag.  My first one was a Lilly Pulitzer bag. This one is a slightly different size.  But, she’ll custom make them to fit your handles and you select the fabric.  I honestly considered making a few of my own.  However, button holes have never been a forte’ of mine.  So, I’ll leave that up to the experts!  Drop me a line if you want the information on Bermuda Bag covers. ~ Ann