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Do preppy people live in Tampa? A series of my thoughts.

I’ve always felt a bit “out of place” here in Tampa.  Growing up on Cape Cod typically meant living a certain lifestyle.  Not for everyone, but for me, the cliche’ held true. ~Ann

Preppy Woman

Preppy in Tampa


I started doing some research lately since I noticed the serious lack of people who seemed to “get me” down here.  Consider the fact that I am now in my late 40’s.  I’m a grown-up Prep.  Is there such a thing?  I believe so.  When we first moved to Tampa, I was dressing the way I always had after college…  Lot’s of pink and green, conservative, the more classic and timeless look. But a bit more grown up and professional during the week.

I noticed that no one else seemed to dress like I did or care about shopping the stores I shopped.  I never really minded because I don’t judge a book by its cover, nor did I want to be friends with anyone who does.

I definitely noticed people wear a lot less clothing here.  It’s obviously due to our warm climate.  That’s a no-brainer.  I also noticed that people rarely wore monogrammed things.  Not that they said anything to my face about mine.  But it wasn’t until I was here for about three years that I finally got up the nerve to dispose of my turtleneck collection.  I think I may have sent them all to my sister on The Cape.  I also realized I had to buy most of my Lilly clothing on my trips up North or online. I continued to shop at Talbots for my staples.  You know, the classic black suit for work.  Only now I bought fabrics other than wool.  So, I did adapt to my environment while not losing my overall sense of style.  I still get comments, a few odd ones, about my love of Lilly Pulitzer.  So many people around here just don’t “get it.”  My daughter thinks I dress weird so she rarely want to “borrow” anything of mine except jewelry and handbags.  I guess that’s a good thing.


Shopping at Vineyard Vines

Shopping at Vineyard Vines


I do notice people stop me when I’m wearing my Vineyard Vines Tee and tell me how they spent the summer in Edgartown, or to comment on my Black Dog bumper sticker.  I have many fun chats with people about that.  My sister “gets” me.  That’s a good thing.  But she still lives on The Cape.  So for now, I think I’m the only grown up Prep in Tampa.

To be continued… preppy, vineyard vines, cape cod living, monogrammed shirts, monogrammed jewelry, preppy lifestyle, adventures of a preppy adult, how to dress like a prep, lilly pulitzer, pink and green


Maei Artisan Jewelry from Sweden is here!

It’s an honor to be first.

FrontCategorySMI’m so thankful to Marieke Slangen, the Dutch designer from the Netherlands, for allowing me to be the first U.S. retailer to offer her stunning line of hand painted bead jewelry.  She finds her inspiration from folk art of countries around the world.  She’s a true artist.  Her designs are intricate and unique.  

Each bead is painted by her small group of seasoned artists.  Making each piece is unique in that they are no mass-produced.  There is an appreciation in society today for true craftsmanship.  That is evident in her designs.  I hope you will be fortunate enough to own one of her works.  

As new designs are created, we will offer them to our American customers. ~Ann

Shop her collection