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Brand Rep Search & Private Sale

Hello ladies,

We are always on the lookout for brand reps.  In fact, there is a page on our site that explains how our program works.  Click here if you are interested.

We have a wonderful group of insta friends that help shape our business in so many ways. They are consulted as new products are considered.  Their feedback is so valued.  These are the influencers of our collections.

Have you seen the latest addition to our line?  The Whimsy Collection is a huge hit. These wearable works of art are selling faster than we can make them.  We also take requests for color/themes of cuff bracelets.  Drop us an email to request a special order Whimsy cuff bracelet. Or, you can always send a DM on instagram @KiwiAndEllie

These are so fun to wear.  They make a statement. Similar styles are sold through Anthropolgie for well over $200.  We charge just $39.95 each. Plus remember we are offering free shipping all month.

Thank you to all who took advantage of the 30% off all earrings sale today.  This was for our subscribers only.  Here’s a new exclusive sale for “insiders.”

Save 30% off all bracelets through Monday night with code MON30.

We would love your feedback on anything from how user friendly is our site to suggestions for jewelry you’d like us to offer.  Plus, we love your posts on social media.  It is great to see we have such wonderful customers.

Reminder: July is Style Challenge Month.  Our previous style challenge was so popular in March that we are bringing it back.  The same rules will apply.  We use the hashtag #KiwiAndEllieStyleChallenge. You can get a sneak peak at some of the outfits here.


Shopping Brooke Feather – River Oaks, Houston

It was a rainy morning today and I’d been wanting to buy this Houston Canvas bag I’d seen on brooke5Instagram for a while now.  So, I decided it would be a good day for shopping.  I headed over to Brooke Feather on West Gray Street in Houston.

When I arrived I was greeted by the owner of the boutique, Brook.  She and her team were so gracious and attentive.  They even helped me photograph the store.  I absolutely love the clothing line.  It’s a very upscale sort of “SoHo” collection of comfortable clothing and accessories for women. The decor was relaxing, yet sophisticated.  Located in a somewhat unassuming strip mall of stores in the heart of River Oaks. Oh and it is conveniently next to Talbots (my favorite).  I’ll save that story for another time.  This shopping area has a  collection of wonderful boutiques as well as high-end chain retailers.  So, let’s get back to the reason I went there.  The tote!  Yes that

Houston Burlap Tote

Houston Burlap Tote

Houston tote bag that had been calling my name since I arrived here in December.  I’d seen it in a newcomers guide to Houston and knew I had to have it.  Several months went by and then I spotted it on Instagram.  I knew it was meant to be!  Brooke Feather is the only place in all of Houston where you can buy this.  Although they don’t have an online shop, you can call them and they’ll be happy to ship one, or two, for you.  Their number is 713.520.0211. You can also email Brooke, INFO@BROOKEFEATHER.COM.

Being the shopper that I am, I couldn’t just leave with that one item.


I spent time browsing the racks and found an adorable tee by Amo that said “Tomboy.” It made me think of my nineteen year-old daughter.  I may have to send that to her at college.

It’s a slouchy AMO tee with shredded holes and printed ‘Tomboy’ lettering. 100% cotton and the best part is that it’s Made in the USA.

When I was at the checkout brooke2chatting with Brooke, I noticed this amazing perfume by Maison Louis Marie.  It’s called Cassis.  The high notes are, of course, Cassis, Bergamot and black pepper.  The mid note is white rose and the base is Oakmoss, Musk and Tonka.  It is such a refreshing, crisp, clean smell.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to buy it.  It was conveniently at the cash-wrap.  I’m always picking something extra when I checkout.  Smart upselling!

The next time you’re in Houston, it is completely worth the trip over to Brooke Feather located at 2020 West Gray Street in Houston. What a wonderful morning.