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Do preppy people live in Tampa? A series of my thoughts.

I’ve always felt a bit “out of place” here in Tampa.  Growing up on Cape Cod typically meant living a certain lifestyle.  Not for everyone, but for me, the cliche’ held true. ~Ann

Preppy Woman

Preppy in Tampa


I started doing some research lately since I noticed the serious lack of people who seemed to “get me” down here.  Consider the fact that I am now in my late 40’s.  I’m a grown-up Prep.  Is there such a thing?  I believe so.  When we first moved to Tampa, I was dressing the way I always had after college…  Lot’s of pink and green, conservative, the more classic and timeless look. But a bit more grown up and professional during the week.

I noticed that no one else seemed to dress like I did or care about shopping the stores I shopped.  I never really minded because I don’t judge a book by its cover, nor did I want to be friends with anyone who does.

I definitely noticed people wear a lot less clothing here.  It’s obviously due to our warm climate.  That’s a no-brainer.  I also noticed that people rarely wore monogrammed things.  Not that they said anything to my face about mine.  But it wasn’t until I was here for about three years that I finally got up the nerve to dispose of my turtleneck collection.  I think I may have sent them all to my sister on The Cape.  I also realized I had to buy most of my Lilly clothing on my trips up North or online. I continued to shop at Talbots for my staples.  You know, the classic black suit for work.  Only now I bought fabrics other than wool.  So, I did adapt to my environment while not losing my overall sense of style.  I still get comments, a few odd ones, about my love of Lilly Pulitzer.  So many people around here just don’t “get it.”  My daughter thinks I dress weird so she rarely want to “borrow” anything of mine except jewelry and handbags.  I guess that’s a good thing.


Shopping at Vineyard Vines

Shopping at Vineyard Vines


I do notice people stop me when I’m wearing my Vineyard Vines Tee and tell me how they spent the summer in Edgartown, or to comment on my Black Dog bumper sticker.  I have many fun chats with people about that.  My sister “gets” me.  That’s a good thing.  But she still lives on The Cape.  So for now, I think I’m the only grown up Prep in Tampa.

To be continued… preppy, vineyard vines, cape cod living, monogrammed shirts, monogrammed jewelry, preppy lifestyle, adventures of a preppy adult, how to dress like a prep, lilly pulitzer, pink and green