Taming the Frizz

Happy Monday!

So I’m going off-topic today because I really want to share some awesome products I am using to tame my frizzy hair.  It’s a year-round problem here in Texas. It may be seasonal in a lot of places as well.  But, I think this group of products could help with the static cling hair issue. BTW, when I was living up North I would rub a dryer sheet on my hair to help with the static issue.

Anyway,  I googled “frizzy hair taming products” a few weeks ago.  One of the “highly” recommended group of products  are pictured here.. The Loreal Smooth Intense shampoo and conditioner plus the Smooth Intense Ultimate straightening balm. I also bought, as a result of a review, the John Frieda Frizz Ease hairspray.

Guess what?  Waste of money.  These did nothing for my frizz issues.

I finally went to Sally Beauty Supply  to ask the people that work there.  This one very nice woman pointed out the ION products.  She said these were on the lower end of the price range (yay!) but really work. she said if they didn’t work I could return them.  So, I figured what the heck, right?

I can honestly say that from day one I noticed a HUGE difference!  It wasn’t a fluke either because we had some wicked humid days last week and my hair did not frizz up.

So, if you are in need of some products to help tame your frizzy hair, I suggest you try these.  By the way, I am not being compensated for anything.  I bought all the products a retail price.

I really love how smooth my hair is after blow drying.  I used to have to use a straightener every time.  Now, I can leave my hair with a little fullness and still not get frizzy.  I have so many products that were a big waste of money.  I’m sure you can relate to this. Most of us have a stash under the sink of products that don’t work; but we just can’t seem to throw them away.  Or they end up in the guest bathroom, lol.  Let them deal with frizz.

Oh and another thing that makes my hair really shiny after coloring it is this Color gloss duo.  I always use the clear, but they do have hint of color options.  You apply it just like you would your hair color.  It really does penetrate better if you use heat for 20 minutes. You can find color gloss products at Sally’s also.  Many hair dressers use the exact same products as an up-sell if your hair is dull.  Except they will charge you upwards of $30-$40 on top of your color.  I buy the small gloss bottle for about $3 and the developer is about $8 or $9 The developer is you enough for about 4 applications.  So the next time you are only paying for the gloss. Major bargain.

I have on of those old fashioned hair bonnet dryers my mom used to have back in the day. It’s perfect for the color gloss application.

Do you remember these?  They are actually really useful. Mine was about $25 and I’ve had it for nearly ten years.  My daughter used to laugh at me using it when she was young.

Well, this has been my “two cents” for the day.  Let me know if you try any of these or find products that work even better!  I’d love to know.  Enjoy your week.

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