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Have you experienced Mainely Coles?

One of my favorite all natural skincare lines is from Maine.  Mainely Coles is my “go to” for all my body lotions and creams.  My favorite is the “Sister’s Body Butter” for after showering.  Actually, it’s so rich and creamy that I put it on slightly damp skin.  It absorbs so well.  I have really dry skin and this is amazing.  The lavender scent is heavenly.  

Throughout the day I keep my bottle of Kelsey’s Lavender lotion next to me.  You know those tiny bumps you get on your skin (usually on the upper arm area, technically called  Keratosis Pilaris)?  Seriously, after using this for about two weeks, they were gone.  I’m going on two years of re-ordering these products and loving them.

I’ve also been using the Cucumber toner for a while now.  I found some other uses for it besides removing makeup residue after washing my face.  Living in Florida means many of us sweat… a lot.  I use the toner as a quick freshening up product during the day.  I can even swipe it with a cotton pad on my under arms and then reapply my deodorant.  (I’m being straight forward with you.)  I also keep a travel spray bottle of it in my purse to spritz my face throughout the day.  Shared my thoughts with Heidi, the mastermind behind the line.  She loves my ideas!

Anyway, I just want to thank Heidi for all her hard work in creating some amazing lines.  My daughter is hooked on her, soon to be released, face wash.  She won’t use anything else!  I can’t wait to see the new packaging when it’s on the market this fall! ~ Ann

P.S.  The website is: www.MainelyColes.com (No, I don’t get anything for referring her.  I simply love her products!!)


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